Today's world presents many challenges in ministry. Bruce and Bonnie Robinson devote their experience, conviction and energy alongside national church planters and missionaries, particularly in Eastern Europe, to help the indigenous church fulfill its call and expand its effort. The Robinsons pray that this will contribute to a longer-term witness in a spiritually challenged world.


Pursuing Vision

In ministering, and in each of the mission projects, ACTSent plans to...

  • Pursue the spirit of mission as exemplified in the Book of Acts
  • Promote creative ventures initiated by missionaries, national christians and churches
  • Explore a variety of outreach methods
  • Encourage Christians to volunteer and develop their talents and gifting
  • Model a Christ-like servant spirit in deference to indigenous cultures

This will be accomplished by...

  • Counseling missionaries working through International Gospel Outreach
  • Serving European national ministries associated with Partners In Evangelism International
  • Working alongside national Christian leaders within their own ministry context
  • Initiating a duplicable church planting program through local core people
  • Fostering an intercultural understanding
  • Facilitating an interface between countries and a cross-pollination of mission efforts
  • Investigating and promoting the sharing of human and material resources
  • Arranging conferences and training seminars to increase Christian worker effectiveness