Today's world presents many challenges in ministry. Bruce and Bonnie Robinson devote their experience, conviction and energy alongside national church planters and missionaries, particularly in Eastern Europe, to help the indigenous church fulfill its call and expand its effort. The Robinsons pray that this will contribute to a longer-term witness in a spiritually challenged world.


Picturing Mission

    1ACTSent values the opportunity in, and the cultural distinctiveness of, our 'global village'.

    2ACTSent recognizes a variety of 'creative cross-border' methods used by 21st Century nationals to establish a viable Christian presence in their countries.

    3ACTSent pictures Christianity practically applied to minds, hearts and needs.  It stimulates people to function by the Bible and under the grace of God, not by some presumed, traditional or imported form.  ACTSent believes people should live by the ageless Bible in their time and culture.

    4ACTSent sees a fresh community of Christians who understand the post-modern world in which they live; and engage, serve and lead it in truth and integrity.