Today's world presents many challenges in ministry. Bruce and Bonnie Robinson devote their experience, conviction and energy alongside national church planters and missionaries, particularly in Eastern Europe, to help the indigenous church fulfill its call and expand its effort. The Robinsons pray that this will contribute to a longer-term witness in a spiritually challenged world.


Years of church planting in England and working in a cross-cultural university setting have helped equip the Robinsons for a wider ministry.

Interest in Europe began at an early age for Bruce, due to his mother’s English heritage. In 1965 Bruce and Bonnie were brought together on a mission team to Scotland, married in 1967 and moved to England with their infant son, Rip, in 1971. To date they have started and led two churches and raised four children in England. Investing these years established numerous contacts throughout Europe, immersed them in European life and prompted all their children, now married, to serve the Lord in Europe and beyond.

Interest in Eastern Europe began in 1987 as Bruce accompanied a British pastor to Romania in an under-cover, fact-finding trip. Right after the Romanian revolution, Christmas 1989, the Robinsons and four others (including 16 year-old son, Ben) brought material relief in the first British convoy to that liberated country. This involvement in Eastern Europe made a lasting impact that grew through the years. Ben eventually married a Ukrainian wife and established a ministry home in Kiev.

Bruce and Bonnie continued contact with missionaries, churches and national leaders. This has reinforced rapport with several ministries under International Gospel Outreach (IGO) and Partners In Evangelism International (PIEI).  Wider responsibilities with IGO and PIEI are in England, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia and India.

Bruce and Bonnie are uniquely qualified to assist, counsel, train and serve missionaries and national Christian leaders, and to aid church planting and development.